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Digital Marketing rundown w/c 10th August

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The Digital Marketing run down is a review of all things digital, marketing and online and some other stories we found interesting over the past seven days.

Dr. Dre: Straight out of Compton – And into a new model for the music business? – Forbes

With the launch of his first album in more than a decade, Dr Dre returned to the forefront of rap music and with it introduced what could be a new way for albums to be released. Compton will only be available through Apple Music and iTunes before being released to wider digital platforms, and surprisingly a physical launch of the album has yet to be confirmed. Will this new release strategy be the future and the become the norm with Apple Music front and centre?


Beach House – Single release and set list selector

User Generated Content (UGC) is certainly a buzz word in the digital marketing world and with good reason, content made by your fans or users can be more impactful than anything you may be able to muster. Beach House and their wider team has taken this to heart with the launch of new tracks and their upcoming tour. Interested in finding out what track you are most likely to be in to? tell Beach House (on their site) which of their current tracks you like and based on this they recommend which of their new tracks you are more likely to be interested in. Huge fan of this because it makes the fan/audience feel part of the experience. In addition, on the tour date section of the website users are able to select up to three tracks they would like to be included in the set list for a particular gig.

The tricks to creating the perfect social media post – via Entrepreneur

What makes the perfect social media post? In all honesty it depends who you are, what you are trying to achieve and also your audience are and what they like. That said, there are some hints and tricks that can be used for the better of your social media content and this article breaks down what you need to do to be better at it.

Another reason for HBO, Showtime, Amazon and Netflix to Premier Series on Facebook – via Motley Fool

Earlier this summer, HBO started to stream the premiere episodes of two of its newest series’ for free on Facebook, a few days after they originally aired. To some, this may seem like an unwise move given that they are taking premium content and giving it away for free but the reality is Facebook has slowly become a powerful video tool, providing greater exposure for videos than YouTube; to add to this, Facebook videos are easier to share and with the right spend in the right places can put the content right in front of their chosen audience. There are a variety of other reasons that Facebook is the right platform for HBO right now, but what is more interesting to us is if this will set a precedent  for other channels and content.

Barbour first UK brand to put a shop window on Twitter  (PAYWALL)-via Marketing Magazine

Barbour has become the first British brand to use the new Twitter Collections service, which allows you to create your own timeline of tweets, which Barbour plans on launching use to good effect to create their own product page.

What caught your eye this past week?


The Digital Marketing run down w/c 03.08

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Another week passes us by and we have been busy trying to keep our finger on the Digital Marketing pulse, taking in all the news stories and features and focussing on a few that grabbed our attention. Here is our Digital Marketing run down for this week:


1. Hootsuite rolls out scheduling for Instagram via The NextWeb

For many businesses posting on Instagram can be very effective, it can also be very time consuming given that Instagram’s T&Cs won’t allow users to upload via an API, meaning it’s mobile or nothing. This week Hootsuite claimed to be the saviour for Instagram users everywhere by introducing a scheduling tool on their platform. While it does allow you to select images from your desktop or laptop and set up times at which you want to post like, it doesn’t quite let you schedule a post; instead you receive a reminder on your phone or tablet at which point you confirm the post via the Instagram app.

While not quite game changing, it will help a lot of companies prepare posts in advance.

2. Twitter’s quest to be the way we yell at customer service via Wired 

For many people Twitter is fast becoming the first place they vent their anger at the customer service of lack of from a business.  Interesting read from the guys at Wired who believe Twitter will ultimately lose the battle to become the 1-800 web alternative.

3. Why marketers should care about millennials and anyone living a digital lifestyle Brian Solis

Video interview with Brian Solis on all things millennial and people living a digital lifestyle. Certainly worth a watch as its full of insight and lots for marketers to consider when looking at this demographic.


4. Facebook launches “live” streaming video feature, But only for celebritiesvia TechCrunch 

It was only a matter of time before Facebook came out with something to rival Periscope, and HangWith in the live streaming market and we are certainly interested to see how this will develop. As TechCrunch point out though, the general public are not trusted with this functionality just yet, although I suspect this is to use verified accounts to refine the tech before a full roll out for all accounts.

5. New York Times passes 1 million digital subscribers  – via The Guardian

The rise of the paywall on many a digital publishing platform including the FT, Sun and Telegraph in the UK was something that many people have watched from a distance interested to see how successful it could be. Newspapers were no longer making money and free content online wasn’t helping their cause. The New York Times took the pay wall stance a little over four years ago and it has taken until now for it to reach 1 million subscribers.

Learning to fail forward in digital marketing

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Why giving yourself permission to fail or learning to fail forward can help you in the long term

As a person with a keen interest in all things streetwear and sneakers, I find myself following lots of blogs, news sites and streetwear, fashion and sneaker influencers online and one such influencer, Jon Wexler (Adidas, Global Director entertainment & influencer marketing) has inspired this post with his Learning to Fail Forward Ted talk.

Jon posted out a link to a talk that he gave at TedXPortland and as a fan of both Ted and sneakers I knew that I had to check out what he had to say.

Jon Wexler  - learning to fail forward

His talk “ Permission to Fail” really resonated with me on a personal and professional level and I for one came away feeling inspired. The talk also made me think about how people market products and in some cases, what stops individuals or brands taking risks when launching new products or services, especially in the world of digital marketing.

So how does this relate to marketing? Well, quite simply, having worked on marketing and PR campaigns across b2b and b2c in finance, corporate, sport, fitness, fashion and music, the one consistent theme that runs true is a fear of getting a campaign wrong or starting a project at the wrong time. The problem with this fear is that there may never be a “perfect time” to start a campaign and by waiting or being afraid of not being perfect you sometimes miss the opportunity completely.

Timing and momentum are hugely important in any campaign, but sometimes the best time is NOW and the best way to build momentum and adapt is to learn from your mistakes.

It has been said many times that you learn more from losing than you do from winning and although in marketing its not really about winning and losing, from my experience, I have certain learned more about an audience when an element of a campaign (post, image, video) hasn’t resonated than when one has… its through adapting content, working on refining your target market and finding your company’s biggest advocates that you create the most successful campaigns.

Another great example of learning from your mistakes or as Jon Wexler puts it ‘Failing Forward” was highlighted in an earlier blog post, where we discussed the importance of learning to adapt and be able to pivot and refocus your efforts based on where your word of mouth is. With no word of mouth you have no grass roots support and without that you are often on a hiding to nothing.

As Benjamin Franklin once said “ I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong”.