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July 2015

What we are reading this week – w/c 27th July

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1. Walt Disney Corporate Strategy Infographic from 1957 (via Fast CompanyStumbled across this infographic from 1957 which shows that even 60 years ago, Walt Disney Corp, never just thinks of a product as just that, a product, instead they view it as a platform to create more products. Really interesting infographic and amazing to see how forward thinking Disney were all those years ago… lessons to be learned from this for sure.
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 09.17.43

2. Tim Ferris interviews Chris Sacca, serial investor and founder of lowercase capital  Great insight into what makes Chris Sacca tick and also his approach to investing and what makes a great business for him. Well worth listening too.


3. What’s next for Music Marketing – via Lucy Blair, Motive Unknown Great insight into how the music industry is lagging behind many other industries in its marketing efforts.  At a time when there has been lots of change (introduction of Apple Music and Beats1, record labels relationship with SoundCloud etc) in the music industry, genuine audience engagement remains the holy grail.

4. Brands, The New Merchants of Cool  This article is a few months old now but we find ourselves reading it again and again. Great insight into the emergence of corporations replacing major labels and becoming the platform from where new independent artists are discovered.



If you’ve got no word of mouth, change.

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If you’ve got no word of mouth, change.

Music Manager at BBC 1xtra Austin Daboh, tweeted something recently that though focused on music, is a rule every company should remember. If you’ve got no word of mouth, change.’  So many companies fail to remember that word of mouth is the best marketing tool you have and continue to pump money into products and campaigns that are not developing this key element.  If you are experiencing this with your product, service or brand, don’t be afraid to change.  Listen to the feedback, look at the results and change your initial offering and strategy.  You are not a loser for doing so, you are responsive and agile which is essential especially with the massive use of social media and indeed the increased visibility of the everyday consumer on your social media profiles.  Apple, Google and Facebook have all released things that have not resonated with an audience but they respond accordingly.

Side note: content curation and influencers can help with developing word of mouth.  Check out some free tools to help you here.

Digital Marketing roundup w/c 20th July

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1. The psychology behind why we like, share and comment on Facebook – Entrepreneur

Great insight into why we want to feel part of the experiences of others. As a bit of a behavioural economics geek this is a great read and one for all the digital marketing professionals out there.

2. How AirBnB got started – via Founders and Funders 

As seems to be the case with many great businesses, its roots are founded in a need for       a product or service for the founders and developed from there.  

3.Years and Years channel 4 ad takeover 

Ad break created to allow viewers to vote via Twitter between three different versions,  #ChooseDark, #ChooseLight or #ChooseShadow. Tweets were recorded live and every  30 seconds the most popular video was the lead video. 

Great initiative and good to see all parties involved thinking outside the box and trying to  engage with the social community in a unique way. Reminiscent of the Cold War Kids  interactive video from a  few years back.

4. Inside Spotify’s hunt for the perfect playlist – Wired

 With the launch of Discover Weekly, a tailored playlist to each user based on their    previous choices on Spotify, this article is a great insight into the moves Spotify is making  to try and make itself the go to and constant source for music for consumers

5. The business of hype – i-D 

Some businesses are great at creating hype around their products and their brand so       that its sells out immediately e.g. Apple, Supreme. Great article looking at what creates hype around products, something that all marketers are looking to achieve.

What have you been reading this week?

Free tools for content curation, finding trends and influencers

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creative-725811_1920I recently wrote a post on free tools we use to help us in digital marketing and this time I wanted to focus more specifically on generating interest for your brand online through creating content that is engaging and shareable and identifying influencers you can work with for endorsement.  We did it on our Nude Audio Kickstarter campaign that helped generate $1million, identifying and creating content, (copy, images and video) and bringing onboard influencers that were all relevant to our target market.

Why is it important?  It makes your brand relevant, authoritative and sells a lifestyle beyond your actual product that people aspire to. Why do you think Apple launched Beats1? So if stuck for ideas, or need a fresh look at your social media output then use these simple tools below.

Topsy | Twitter Analytics:

  • Your stuff
    • Track how well your tweets, hash tags and site links are doing.
    • All the feedback will help dictate future content decisions.
  • Influencers:
    • Easy tool to identify relevant influencers and indeed influencers following you, that you may have missed.
    • Search tweets from specific influencers to see what they are writing about, by keyword.
  • Content curation:
    • Check competitors content to see what is doing well
    • Search relevant areas in your niche for ideas on top performing content
    • Join in the relevant current conversation that’s trending to help aid influence and content ideas.

Buzzsumo | Multi platform:

  • Content Curation
    • Identify content currently trending by keywords relevant to your brand.
    • Shows how content has been shared across different social media networks which…
    • Allows you to identify which profile you should be on and what content should sit where
    • Set content alerts to keep you updated on new developments.
  • Influencers
    • Find influencers by keyword/s

Google Alerts:

  • Content Curation
    • Find most current articles based on keyword search
    • Get them delivered to your email daily or…
    • Setup an RSS feed to browse through quickly


  • Content Curation
    • Search tool splits keyword down by relevant ‘sub-reddits’
    • You can then see the most popular sub-reddits and the most engaged posts within these.
  • Influencers
    • You can identify posters with the most followings / engagements on their posts.

There are indeed more like Twtrland, now Klear (which has recently expanded it’s functionality), and Tweetreach and some were included in my earlier article which you can read here.