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Free Tools We Use To Aid Digital Marketing

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3d human carry a big tool in handsPeople always ask us what tools we use to help with different elements of digital marketing and while this maybe obvious to some, we want to help empower individuals and brands who are looking to work their digital marketing without breaking the bank or prior knowledge. This article is for them. There’s a load of free tools out there and as a start up agency they are essential to productivity. The following list covers some of the basics that we use on a day to day basis. All are free and some have paid for options:

*Google DriveGreat capacity for storage and shareability that is so simple to use. We use it extensively to file and share assets as well as contain all our planning, conversation calendars, reporting etc offering clients transparency where necessary. With the benefit of multiple admins and updates in real time, it’s essential when working digital marketing which requires you to always be flexible.

*We TransferQuick and easy to share big files on the fly!

*TwtrlandA great website that allows you to analyse Twitter accounts for a breakdown of key followers, demographic, output and engagement levels. All aspects key to any digital marketing campaign that wants to use Twitter, seed content, establish influence etc.

*TweetreachA basic tool for tracking how far your hash tag or content has travelled across Twitter, showing you key influencers who have used it, how many total impressions it’s delivered and how many unique Twitter accounts reached too. Paid for version shows more detail, over a longer time.

*Tweet DeckReally simple site or desktop app that allows you to schedule Tweets and set your profiles into multiple columns of your choice e.g. DMs, RT, Scheduled tweets etc. Essential if working multiple campaigns, or using as a monitoring tool e.g. journalists, social media managers etc.

*HootsuiteLike Tweetdeck but much more comprehensive as covers a number of social media profiles, not just Twitter, and provides analytics. Paid for options expand on all these features. Serious stuff.

*BufferappAllows you to schedule photo tweets as well as full social media profile management. Also gets a shout for being easy and having a great blog full of insights.

*IconosquareFormerly Statigram, this great site offers analytics on your Instagram profile, and we all know the rise of IG especially with fashion retailers saying it’s a big driver of sales despite it’s clunky linking mechanic. Key insights are provided across things like demographic breakdown and fantastic data on your best posting times.

*BitlySuch a simple tracking tool that provides stats on clicks, demographics and social media use of links. Paid for options open up your ability to customise URLs more comprehensively.

*Size GuideSocial Media profiles are constantly changing in terms of assets needed. Whether it’s headers, icon, banner or backgrounds you always need to adjust and optimise for the different platforms out there e.g. tablets, mobile and laptops. We have only just started to use this guide as used other sources, but they promise to update in real time as things change so lets see!

*WhatsappEssential for comms without breaking the bank. Group chat option helps bigger discussions and pretty good coverage / delivery overall.

*Fresh BooksSeen a few people mention this app for helping sort their accounts. So although not directly related to digital marketing, you may find this useful!

What do you use?


14 Key Steps To Making $1Million on Kickstarter

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SMTM had the honour of working with the fantastic team at NudeAudio on their Super-M bluetooth speaker that was released on Kickstarter last summer. Tasked with reaching $75k in 30 days, we worked closely and intensively with the NudeAudio team to reach $839k. This increased to $1million over an extended campaign. A huge achievement. We did a lot of research into crowd funding before our campaign to ascertain what worked and what didn’t and putting this together with our own working knowledge we have come up with some killer points to running a good campaign. Essentially core aspects of any marketing campaign all set amongst raising awareness, social media and the Kickstarter platform

  1. Play to your strengths – your network is key.

    Who do you have access to that can help raise awareness? Influencers, talent, employees, brand tie ins etc.

  2. Less is more

    Tied in with point 1, focus on your big, easy to reach wins on your network that will have most impact – not just a mass recruitment drive. It has a snowball effect in bringing in other influencers who may have taken a lot longer to get from the beginning

  3. All influencer tie ins must be planned and promoted effectively.

    Split into tactical and strategic output depending on their commitment and help develop the relationship with the brand. And influencers who care about the product and your brand are key. Not people in it for easy money.

  4. Prototypes / working models are a huge plus.

    Seeing the product (even in development stages) is essential for fans and PR reviews.

  5. Stagger, stagger, stagger!

    You need new things happening over the course of the whole campaign, new angles, content leaks, product developments, PR etc. Planning!

  6. Communication is key

    People are putting their blind faith in you and you should treat them accordingly. They are true ambassadors who believe in your whole concept, brand and product so listen to what they say, name check fans, hero them. They are the foundation of any successful campaign and make your product even better.

  7. Content

    product, videos and imagery open up the product in a whole new light. Testing the product in real time situations, product development, fan influenced decisions, packaging etc

  8. Kickstarter Community

    hugely powerful in terms of influence and spend and this can be applied to all crowd funding platforms.

  9. Kickstarter Pledges

    A strong selection of pledges are needed to attract income across a number of different scenarios e.g. early bird adopters right through to more premium or one off selections. But you must also be flexible enough to add new ones as the campaign develops (see below)

  10. Stretch your goals

    A consideration worth having from day 1 that ties in with point 10 is to stretch goals. As you beat your target you can offer new pledges for achieving new targets.

  11. Social Media

    Adds another layer to the campaign, is great for customer service and also helps raise awareness outside of the existing fan base and Kickstarter community. 2 way conversation is essential for all brands. The fans are core to whatever you do.

  12. Facebook advertising

    Without ever breaking the bank we saw some great pick up in fan recruitment, awareness and engagement and of course sales. Quite quickly we worked out best content to use, posts to write etc

  13. PR

    Staggered over the whole campaign is essential helping raise awareness and conversation, showing different angles to your product, insights into the brand, CEO, employees and collabs etc

  14. Essential team

    CEO / Founders, Marketing, Social Media, Film Crew – camera, photographer, editor, Graphic Designers

We understand that different crowd funding campaigns will have different levels of PR, advertising ability or influencer network, but adjust your targets accordingly and you can still follow elements of the same best practice above on a scale that suits your project.

SMTM catapulted NudeAudio into the UK music scene and put our products in the hands of hundreds of influencers. Acting as an integral part of our team, and running our social channels day-to-day, we could not have had the success we did on Kickstarter without them.” Cheers Andy & Anwar! Tom Dudderidge CEO NudeAudio

SMTM would love to help with your campaign so please do drop us a line here.

And yeah Goldie was pleased as punch!  As was the incredible Mistajam who we filmed in Ibiza.